You’ve likely never seen one like this…

Dear scholars! narrow fabric seat belt web is on my mind, and right now I (Roger Howard, of course!) bring you still one more very-nearly-brilliant report on polyester distributor my aim being to serve you with some awesome reads and connect you with various great materials.

* BUT * before we enter everything … I have a hot political piece to share!

And you’ve probably * never * come across one such as this … because while politicians fight people tune-in. I’m referring to more than merely ill-tempered words. The men in this situation are buddies; you’ll see how they had a go toe-to-toe here in this brawl …

I tuned into this simply because one of the two was my boss back then when I first got out of college. So if quite possibly you have curiosity in bureaucratic malicious talk and insider news, then continue reading.

That’s right, high stakes, high stress, legislative matters focused on industrial shipping:

“How the Harbor District Found Itself in the Middle of Humboldt’s Most Bitter Political Fight

Author: Ryan Burns

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