Work Smarter Not Harder: 18 Productivity Tips That Boost Your Work Day Performance

This book is probably the best book I ever read before. It is not something that’s related to Webbing Suppliers or industrial strap – or any other related industry. It’s linked with life.
This is book what I read before one year. Probably in the earlier stage of 2015 (don’t know exact month). In that stage of my life (and life other in our company) was… hm … don’t know how to say it. Probably the worst time in my life.
We expected to be on the street in a month or two. I did not think that my work productivity can be better in future. This book introduces me a whole new concept of work productivity.

On one business meeting, my boss called me to talk with a generous person named Will. It was a big change for me because I’m not related to the whole concept in the company (my job is related to audience). Mr. Will from “YorSEOSecret Agency” introduces to me how to get more done when to work remotely and how he get fired from the last job. He starts to work from home for his business.

He explained me how he lets distractions rule his day. I realize that I have the same problem and how it is impossible to focus on important projects. He introduces me a book called “Work Smarter Not Harder”. It is a personal guide for helping you on your journey to increased productivity and better work habits.

After reading it, I can say that this helped me to achieve more at work. There was tips for questions to ask before next meeting, what was the core blocks of productivity, what to prioritize first, how to adopt my habits with my work day. I think that the best was checklist types for my job.

When my boss saw my working progress, we had met and after that, we made two kinds of lists for “Rosemont Textiles”.

In 2 or 3 months we made big progress on the market as web distributor. The whole company adopts on this checklist procedure, and we made a big step in organizing.

I know that this was not sufficiently related article with Webbing Suppliers, but I work for one. This book helped me for my life perception view.

Work Smarter is an excellent resource for ideas on how to reduce the time distractions from work and increase your productivity. It is not the holy grail but when you read it, you think twice, and then you realize that this is easy to read book with many great tips from a person with experience.

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