Who could say no to a quick tour of polyester’s unusual start?

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2-inch webbing roll is what I’m all about, so it may be a bit of a surprise to you that I only uncovered a few cool things of interest: polyester distributor and web distributor.

Just a quick note — let me explain — today’s insights come from experts’ posts that my assistant and I uncovered in today’s careful examination of the “Interwebs”.

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While I’m thinking of it, would you rather see videos? No problem! I’m building a list of relevant videos that will give a bit more depth and insight to commercial fabric manufacturing processes, and plan to include those in my posts in the coming days.

Let’s be honest, I prefer the written word (because I like to study this type of material line by line, and take notes on how I’ll add new options for our clients’ real-world webbing applications!).

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