Might you be curious about that represent our businesses’ needs to the government?

1 inch web material is what I write about, because it is what I know and love, so I am sure it will be a bit of a surprise to you that I only uncovered a few unusual bits of interest related to our inventory of industrial strap and webbing manufacturer.

Let me update you on this process, just one quick “FYI”. Today’s insights come from unusual bits that our team saw in our morning surf online. In fact, the information we found today will be of great interest to those who love posts has tons of info in our favorite scientific arenas.

Amazingly enough, there is even more — believe it or not — to share on our primary site. So if you’d love better detailed content, then take a peek here: 1 inch web material.

Okay, let’s get started:
Good day my dearfriend, Roger Howard here, your commercial fabrics guy. My team and I are ready to share a great industrial fabrics article with you.

Give a shout if you prefer to watch videos, that’s no problem! I’m building a list of relevant videos that will give a bit more depth and insight to commercial fabric manufacturing processes, and plan to add all that very soon.

I have to say that I prefer the written word? That’s enough delay, right? So here is what I am eager to share today. This article provides great background and insight to the science behind 1 1/2 inch seat belt webbing:

Our team knows it’s just the way it is in the automotive webbing market that businessmen like us have to network and build out our associations each and every month. I was at our local Chamber of Commerce conference last month and met a new member recently transferred from the west coast. He’s recently worked closely with poly web material matters in the American Fiber Manufacturers Association, Inc. (AFMA).

Yes, for those who are loyal followers of my post, this is the part where I come out and admit that I had barely ever knew anything substantial about the Plastics Industry Trade Association (PITA). Again, yes, this is embarrassing, I know… but at least I’m getting on top of it now. But now, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to share an overview with you all …just in case there were a few of you may be curious about the PITA.

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