31 May News – RT.com one-way cargo straps

Today is Sunday, 31 May and I woke up this morning thinking about something new…
today I am curious about news on The Rosemont Textile 1 way strap page.
It’s different from my normal news posts, but think about it… all these clothes are made in various parts of the world, and need to be shipped elsewhere, right? So shipping companies need to use 1-way cargo strapping to deliver the goods.

BBC News -- Iran releases seized cargo ship

BBC News — Iran releases seized cargo ship

Source: bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-32621300

A container ship seized in the Strait of Hormuz by Iran last week has been released, its operator has confirmed.
Rickmers Shipmanagement said the 24 crew members of the Maersk Tigris were “in a good condition”.
The Marshall Islands-flagged vessel was intercepted by Iranian patrol boats on 28 April and taken to Bandar Abbas.
Iran said the ship was detained because of a legal dispute between the Danish company chartering it, Maersk, and a private Iranian firm.
Maersk says the dispute dates backs to 2005, when it delivered 10 containers to Dubai for Pars Oil Products. The containers were not collected and the cargo was disposed of after 90 days by the UAE authorities, it asserts.
The Iranian company subsequently accused Maersk of default and claimed $4m (£2.6m) as the value of the cargo. Maersk said it challenged the suit successfully and in 2007 the case was dismissed.
However, an appeals court ordered it to pay $163,000 (£107,400) in February.
‘International obligations’
Iran’s Ports and Shipping Organisation said permission for the release of the ship was given on Thursday after Maersk “ensured the provision of a letter of guarantee for the enforcement of the judicial decision”.
A Maersk statement said…

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RT.com one-way cargo straps

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