27 May News – RT.com one-way cargo straps

Today is Wednesday, 27 May and I woke up this morning thinking about something new…
today I am curious about news on Rosemont Textiles’ one-way cargo straps.
It’s different from my normal news posts, but think about it… all these clothes are made in various parts of the world, and need to be shipped elsewhere, right? So shipping companies need to use 1-way cargo strapping to deliver the goods.

Dayton Daily News -- Giant cargo jet will be used to train medical staff

Dayton Daily News — Giant cargo jet will be used to train medical staff

Source: daytondailynews.com/news/news/local-military/giant-cargo-jet-will-be-used-to-train-medical-staf/nmPDH/

By Barrie Barber Staff Writer
Piece by piece, a C-17 Globemaster III trainer has arrived at Wright-Patterson in an unconventional way for the giant cargo jet.
On Tuesday, the tail section of the trainer arrived on the back of a flatbed trailer and rolled through a base gate after a more than 2,000-mile highway journey that began at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas.
Parts of the plane will be reassembled at the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine to train future military medical flight crews who tend to wounded patients on aeromedical evacuation flights around the world, said Brian Pollock, who is overseeing the C-17 project.
The school trains as many as 600 students in an academic semester.
As many as 15 to 19 trips will be needed over a month to bring all the pieces of the plane to the Miami Valley base, said Wright-Patterson spokeswoman Gina Giardina.
The Air Force coordinated with states along the route to accommodate the extra-wide load, she said.
The C-17 is the primary cargo jet the Air Force flies to transport wounded service members on aeromedical evacuation flights out of Afghanistan and places around the globe. The…

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RT.com one-way cargo straps

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