02 June News – Rosemont Textiles one-way cargo straps

Today is Tuesday, 02 June and I woke up this morning thinking about something new…
today I am curious about news on 1-way cargo strapping.
It’s different from my normal news posts, but think about it… all these clothes are made in various parts of the world, and need to be shipped elsewhere, right? So shipping companies need to use 1-way cargo strapping to deliver the goods.

Carbon Brief (blog) -- Countries fail to set shipping climate target

Carbon Brief (blog) — Countries fail to set shipping climate target

Source: carbonbrief.org/blog/2015/05/countries-fail-to-set-shipping-climate-target/

Countries rejected the opportunity to place a global emissions reduction target on the shipping industry at a meeting of the International Maritime Organisation in London this week.
Proposed by the Marshall Islands, this would have been the first time that a cap was placed on the sector, which is projected to grow in the decades ahead as trade and the world economy expands.
But the lack of consensus over how to collect data on shipping emissions put a stranglehold on the discussions, with many nations unwilling to sign up to an emissions reduction goal without a sure way to measure progress.
A growing sector
More than 90% of global trade goes by sea. According to the IMO, there were more than 104,000 ships in the world registered in over 150 nations in 2010.
This comes with an environmental cost. Shipping is responsible for around 3.1% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Every year between 2007 and 2012, ships emitted an average of one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide – more than Germany.
Total global emissions must fall to net zero in the second half of the century in order to have a good chance of meeting an international target of limiting…

See more at Carbonbrief.org/blog/

RT.com one-way cargo straps

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