01 June News — Rufskin’s smooth design

You know, it still completely amazes me that Google News knows what I want! For example, today I thought about denim guys coats while eating breakfast, and then found this news post that is all about denim guys coats! No doubt about it, things change all the time, and we are excited to share this article. Listen, if you know of other news releases on this same line of thought, then definitely let us know!

Washington Blade -- Rufskin’s smooth design -- (Photo courtesy Coats)

Washington Blade — Rufskin’s smooth design — (Photo courtesy Coats)

Source: washingtonblade.com/2015/05/28/rufskins-smooth-design/

The sun-kissed outdoors of Southern California serves as the locale for Rufskin promotional photography. “The crispest lights are in the desert,” explains company co-founder and head designer Hubert Pouches. “I’m happiest surrounded by palm trees.”
Pouches personally photographs Rufskin product images at an outdoor studio at the home he shares with his partner of 25 years, Douglas Coats. Co-owner and company president Coats launched the high-profile San Diego-based men’s clothing business with Pouches in 2002. The duo met in the early 1990s in Paris, when Portland native Coats worked as a model at the agency that French-born Pouches owned and operated.
Rufskin began with crafting well-cut, form-emphasizing and uniquely styled men’s jeans, an item of surprisingly scarce offering at the time and which Pouches noticed was driving male shoppers to the women’s section of clothing stores. The business quickly expanded into a widely known creator and purveyor of swimwear, underwear, athletic wear and casual clothing items for men. Originating from a garage in San Diego, business growth was rapid, evolving to a globally recognized company respected for its well-crafted wares.
A conversation with Pouches quickly reveals his passion for the company’s products and commitment to brand excellence. His background as…

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